Prenuptial Agreements

Putting an Agreement in Place Before You Get Married

In today's world, it pays to take a realistic approach to marriage. While no one preparing for marriage imagines it will end in divorce, statistics show that nearly half of all marriages do. Through a prenuptial agreement, couples can plan for the future, protect their separate interests and preserve their assets. Consider it your own practical insurance policy.

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Separate and Marital Property

No matter how controversial they once seemed, prenuptial agreements are now seen as useful tools for individual parties entering into a marriage. There is always a chance that separate assets will become commingled with other property. A prenuptial agreement can address the wishes of parties regarding separate property that generates marital property. Let us help you classify your assets and debts in advance of a potential divorce.

Second Marriages

Prenuptial agreements are especially useful for parties entering into their second marriage or for marriages occurring later in life. As years progress, individuals generally acquire more assets. Through a prenuptial agreement, individual spouses can name separate assets and ensure their children are not cut off from their inheritance.

Avoiding a Contested Divorce

No couple enters into a marriage intending to one day divorce. However, planning for the unexpected is a responsible decision for any couple getting married.

Because a prenuptial agreement addresses the contentious divorce-related topics of property division, finances and alimony, many couples who do eventually divorce are able to avoid a contested divorce. We can help ensure that your agreement will be enforceable, no assets are hidden and full disclosure is made. Depending on your unique situation, it may actually be more beneficial to have us offer estate planning assistance instead of a prenuptial agreement.

New York Prenuptial Agreements: A Practical Approach to Marriage

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