What Happens To My Retirement Accounts When I Divorce?

For many people, the most substantial assets they have are their retirement accounts, 401(k)s, IRAs and pensions. People spend a lifetime contributing to these funds and working to build them up so that they have the ability to face their golden years with a sense of financial security and confidence.

During the division of property, most assets and property that were obtained during the marriage need to be divided. This includes money put into retirement accounts and earned pension benefits.

We Can Help You Protect Your Retirement Accounts And Benefits

When a divorce is redefining the future, you need to know that you will still be taken care of and that the resources you have worked so hard to accumulate will still be there to help you as you move on to the next chapter of your life.

We can look at your situation and determine the best approach to ensuring that you will still have what you need and deserve when your divorce is final. Our experience with differentiating marital property from separate property, and our skill in crafting clear and effective QDROs (qualified domestic relations orders) can ensure that you are in the best position possible when it is time to access your retirement accounts and begin collecting pension benefits.

Creating Solutions For A Stable Future

At the Law Office of Frank J. Salvi, PLLC,, we have the extensive experience and focus on family law that people need when complex issues such as the division of retirement benefits and accounts happen in a divorce. We know how hard people work to build stable financial situations for their retirement. Our goal is to help you come through your divorce with the ability to look forward to your retirement with the optimism that comes from knowing your finances are in order.

We can help protect the resources you have worked so hard to accumulate so you can have the comfortable retirement you deserve. Let us answer all of your questions about divorce and pensions, retirement accounts and 401(k)s. To schedule a consultation with one of our lawyers, call 914-682-1993, or contact us online.